Dear Patient:

As far as the hCG Diet discussion goes, here is what I’ve been up to and here is what the hCG Diet is all about:

First off, I called the Dr. Oz Show and spoke with a few of the doctors that were there on the show. I have become friendly with one of the doctors and he has become my personal distributor of a Pharmaceutically Manufactured & FDA Registered hCG Product. It has been a great experience over the past several months studying and researching this program. I have gone a step further and created my own 75-page manual to make it user friendly and easy to follow for any patient.

On a personal note, my mother and father were on the diet. My dad lost 65lbs in 9 weeks and my mom lost 40lbs in 12 weeks. They look and feel great!!! Upon completion of the program, I sent them back to their primary care physician and suggested they request blood work and a full physical. After receiving the results, their primary doctor took them off their cholesterol and high blood pressure medications. Furthermore, they are sleeping through the night now and their normal ailing conditions and aches & pains have disappeared. It sounds almost too good to be true, but a salesman I certainly am NOT. I’m a doctor! After diligent research, this product & program are not only justified, but easy to follow and they work! The weight loss itself can be permanent if you (1) adhere to the program, (2) learn the guidelines from it, (3) teach yourself (through the manual) how to cook better and (4) learn to make better lifelong healthy meal choices.

The hCG hormone supplement helps your body systems by: re-training and re-setting your hypothalamus and the levels in which it secretes your current levels of hCG. Very important point, your body already produces hCG, but as we get older our bodies tend to slow in its production. This slowing down of the secretion of vital hormones levels, including: hCG, Cortisol, DHEA, Epinephrine, Nor-epinephrine, etc…, is the BIG PROBLEM. Not to mention that as we age: our muscles atrophy easier, our metabolism slows, digestion is more difficult, and on and on and on. Our body systems work based off of what we put in them. It’s like fuel in a car. If our diets consist of: refined sugars, empty carbs, starches, soda pop, low fat foods (the worst), diet drinks full of aspartame (also the worst), artificial flavors, etc… then how can we wonder why we have no energy and have pains and disease??

A basis of the diet:
The hCG you take while on the diet is recognized by your hypothalamus (which is the gland that produces hCG for us daily). When your hypothalamus recognizes that your body’s current intake has been fulfilled, by you placing the hCG supplemental drops under your tongue daily, it in-turn rests and halts in its production. While on the diet, you will take the hCG (at doctor-specific increments) and commence a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) at 500 calories per day for the duration of the 42-Day program. During those 42 days, your hypothalamus will rest and your metabolism will enhance. Upon completion of the 42 day hCG Diet and the VLCD, your hypothalamus kicks back into a much higher gear of production. This directly causes your metabolism to run properly and your weight loss to be maintained, even after the program has finished. Keep up what you have learned, including: the appropriate food choices, a grocery list, the cooking skills that you have learned while on the diet, and you will maintain your NEW weight while back at 2,000 + calories per day!

**NOTE** This 42-day plan will still come with questions and a need for physician monitoring. I include my personal e-mail and contact information and require weekly appointments to monitor your progress!

For patients who don’t need to lose as much weight there is another customized 23-day program. The 23-day plan is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM as research has been documented that your hypothalamus needs that amount of time in order to reset your metabolism. Again this is why it is so important for a doctor to be monitoring this program.

If you follow the hCG Diet plan and the manual that I have created (full of new healthier eating choices) then this healthier life will be permanent. Now that doesn’t mean you’re going to be eating 500 calories and no burgers for the rest of your life. My parents have been off the diet for several months now, they are eating 2000 + calories per day, make better choices, cook healthier, AND THEY HAVEN’T GAINED A POUND BACK!!!!

The hCG Diet is a GREAT ALTERNATIVE to some of the other invasive options like: (ex. gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery, etc…). It requires a consultation, including a detailed medical history and possibly some updated blood work before making any decisions. The hCG Diet helps patients lose A LOT OF WEIGHT. Some cases and circumstances may require a need for further customization; as every patient is different and has different needs. Either way, an examination and a proper medical history is necessary.

**NOTE** Do NOT attempt to purchase drops online from a non-medical website. Even Dr. Oz has made this recommendation. ONLY utilize a physician who is familiar with the hCG Diet Program and will monitor your progress by performing physical examinations, weight loss documentation and measurements! This will ensure that you are getting a quality product and the comfort of knowing you are under a physicians care.

After reading through this information, if you have any questions regarding the hCG Diet or a need/desire to schedule your consultation, please find my contact information below.

Keep in mind, I am attempting to summarize a 75-page manual and a 6 week program into an e-mail….so there is much more to discuss. But these are the basics, and I am comfortable with the fact that ANYONE is capable of reaching their goals through this program!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Sean McLaughlin
Chiropractic Physician
Wellness Consultant

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