Subject: Hello from another Sedona, AZ, McLaughlin hCG believer
From: Marilyn B
To: Dr Sean McLaughlin
Subject: Hello from another Sedona, AZ, McLaughlin hCG believer
Hello Dr. Sean,
A testimonials from one of your successful clients that have used the hCG Drops and been pleasantly surprised.
I am happy to send this on to you with an after photo. I would send a before, but honestly I would rather not so here are my thoughts on this fabulous plan.
I had heard about this plan from a friend and thought that it could possibly work on me because I am literally a farm hand i.e. I farm Lavender and work constantly and eat constantly because I love to eat and mainly protein. In the past I have been a lifetime Weight Watcher, done the Atkins for years and always they caught up with me. Salad, salad, salads were not cutting it any more and so on January 1st I was determined to get the weight off, 30 pounds to be exact.
Even my best friend who I still adore did not think that I as much as I eat could do this plan because of how much I eat to work outside, and am in a constant state of doing something. At 500 calories per day, it looked like a daunting task but I am here to tell you that it was not, in fact it is without a doubt the easiest diet that I have ever been on. I was not hungry and so enjoyed fruit on the hCG plan as you have to omit that on the Atkins. By the time I got to the 2nd phase onto the no Carbs and No Sugar Phase, I breezed through that and had fruit too. I am now on maintenance and haven’t gained one ounce since February 14th, my Valentine gift to myself, fitting into everything I own with room to spare.
I highly recommend the hCG plan and would do it again if necessary but I think that this “resetting the Metabolism really and actually works. I am thrilled with how I look and feel everyday.
Good luck to you and your clients,
Marilyn B
Sedona, AZ