The North Caldwell Wellness Center is located next to West Essex High School in Essex County, NJ.

The office is owned and operated by Dr. Sean McLaughlin, Chiropractor.

Along with Chiropractic Services, Dr. Sean McLaughlin offers the hCG Diet plan. His 75-page Manual was  formulated and updated from previous research in hCG Diet Books written by: Dr. Simeons, Linda Prinster, Kevin Trudeau, and more. At The NCWC, all current and previous patient’s have been successful!!

Other services include:

A.R.T. (Active Release Technique for muscle rehab from cramping, injury or tight muscles),

Graston Technique (soft tissue mobilization for injury and rehab),

Laser Therapy,

Kinesio Tape (for athletic injury),



Electrical Muscle Stimulation,

Decompression Therapy,

Nutritional Counseling,

Wellness Coaching

The NCWC is associated with New Jersey Massage School, which is owned and operated by Larry Heisler, CMT.

For information, scheduling an appointment with the doctor, or for a massage with the therapist…please contact us at (973) 396 – 2447

The North Caldwell Wellness Center

133 West Greenbrook Road

North Caldwell, NJ 07006