hCG Diet: Dr. Sean McLaughlin, DC meets Dr. Arbuckle, DC from Dr. Oz

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Dr. Sean McLaughlin, of The North Caldwell Wellness Center, has his first face-to-face with Dr. Gary Arbuckle.


Dr. Arbuckle is best known for his appearance regarding the hCG Diet on The Dr. Oz Show (which aired in February 2011 and again in June 2011).

Dr. McLaughlin has continued success with every single patient he has partaking in the  program; and in the collaboration with Dr. Oz and Dr. Arbuckle, further insists that a: 1) doctor supervised hCG diet program, 2) VLCD (very low calorie diet), and 3) the hCG supplement, is an impressive and amazing way to change your life and lose weight safely.

Patients are saying they, “find it easy because I  have a sense of reassurance, accountability and commitment with Dr. Sean McLaughlin as my coach…and the plan is easy to follow with AMAZING results.” – Tara

Look for Dr. McLaughlin and Dr. Arbuckle to speak at the GRAND OPENING of Dr. McLaughlin’s new office.

Dr. McLaughlin, DC and James Bonardi, PT are coming soon to 360 Fitness – Performance – Sports.

Location: 25 Greenbrook Road in Fairfield, NJ 07004

Grand Opening details to follow.  Probable guest appearance from Dr. Arbuckle!!

The North Caldwell Wellness Center; Premier Healthcare Center in Essex County, New Jersey

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At The North Caldwell Wellness Center, our doctors have combined the best of several independent specialties to create a more effective way of treating our patients and increasing their overall health. The Center uses the latest and most technologically advanced techniques to ensure not only short-term relief, but more importantly long term results. The response from our patients has been tremendous and our clinic continues to grow from our outstanding reputation and multitude of patient and physician referrals.


Imagine walking into your physician’s office and experiencing a sense of absolute relaxation, rather than the smothering feeling of waiting rooms. Experience the warmth of a luxury spa in a cutting-edge healthcare facility. At The North Caldwell Wellness Center, your care is paramount.

Don’t delay! call (973) 396-2447 and make your appointment with us today!

The North Caldwell Wellness Center mission is to provide as high a level of healthcare as possible, not only in terms of diagnosis and treatment of disease, but also in terms of wellness and preventive care. We strive to meet the needs of those seeking a personalized healthcare experience that also incorporates sophisticated medical technology. At The North Caldwell Wellness Center, we are committed to providing all of our members with healthcare at very high level.

Specialties & Services include:
•Chiropractic Services
•Massage Therapy
•hCG Diet WEIGHT LOSS Program
•Laser Therapy
•Kinesio Taping
•Graston Technique
•Manipulation Under Anesthesia
•Wellness Programs
•Corporate Health Solutions